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Master Your Automation Challenges

OpenConnect offers solutions that give you the power to go Beyond RPA and conquer your system — no matter how complex.

Keys to Success

Every enterprise battles to meet output goals while keeping costs at a minimum. There are two keys to making that possible: automation and analytics.

Robotic process automation (RPA) handles your workplace’s repetitive tasks at incredible speed and with 100% accuracy; and advanced analytics capabilities provide the critical data you need to maximize your results while lowering costs. The results are even better when you combine automation and analytics, magnifying the return from your investment.

However, while that sounds great, getting there can be difficult if you don’t have the right vendor to lead the way. That’s where OpenConnect comes in.

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Why OpenConnect?

OpenConnect has been providing advanced, enterprise-class process automation for decades, helping our customers save untold millions of dollars while vastly improving operations. We also have years of experience providing state-of-the-art, real-time advanced analytics for enterprises.

Only OpenConnect has the experience, the software savvy, the multiplicity of products, and the partnerships that combine to enable the most effective use of automation and analytics.

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Who We Are and What We Do

OpenConnect, based in Dallas, is a leader in automation, operational intelligence, and interconnectivity. Our products enable you to solve these needs:

  • The need to addressand adapt totoday’s business challenges.
  • The need to access all your data.
  • The need to optimize your workforce’s productivity.
  • The need to know what your workforce really does.

What We Make

Our products include:

  • AutoiQ — This is enterprise-class process automation software that’s designed to automate tasks (regardless of complexity) and workflows while improving first-pass efficiency.
  • WorkiQ® — Not only a superb standalone product but also a critical part of our path to automation success, WorkiQ provides real-time workforce analytics for visibility into employees’ work and productivity that facilitates advanced process discovery.
  • DiscoveriQ — Another element of our path to automation success, DiscoveriQ works with WorkiQ-supplied data to give you far more effective discovery of your actual processes than older and less efficient methods can achieve, so you know exactly what, and how, you need to automate.
  • WebConnect — This time-tested client-/server-based software (now available as an HTML5 client) enables enterprise organizations to provide suppliers and employees with secure access to vital applications and information.
  • ConnectiQ — Built with our multi-decade experience working with advanced interconnectivity, ConnectiQ provides mainframe integration — the right way.

In addition, to provide even greater capabilities to our customers, we team our software with compelling products provided by our technology partners.

Automation and Advanced Analytics:
Why You Need Them