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Better understand how your people work
work@home offers real-time people intelligence for the flexible workforce.
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Master Your Automation Challenges
OpenConnect offers solutions that give you the power to go Beyond RPA and conquer your system — no matter how complex.
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Automation + Analytics for Better ROI

OpenConnect gives you the power to discover how your people and robots are currently getting work done, identify the process (and problems) in your current workflow, and improve your operations with the right mix of digital and human workers.

Finding your path to automation success is easier than you think.

Solutions That Give You Control

As a leader in automation, operational intelligence, and interconnectivity, OpenConnect has provided advanced, enterprise-class process automation and analytics for over 30 years, helping our customers save costs while becoming more efficient. Our deep experience, range of synergistic products, and relationships with other technology partners can help you:

  • Address and adapt to today’s business challenges
  • Access all your data
  • Understand what your workforce really does
  • Optimize your workforce’s productivity

Our Products

Uses WorkiQ-supplied data to give you effective discovery of your processes, so you know exactly what, and how, to automate.

Real-time workforce intelligence for visibility into employees’ work and productivity that facilitates advanced process discovery.

Mainframe integration built with our multi-decade experience working with advanced interconnectivity.

Enterprise-class process automation software designed to automate tasks (regardless of complexity) and workflows while improving first-pass efficiency.

Client-/server-based software that enables enterprise-level secure access to vital applications and information.