OpenConnect Webinar: Using Technology to Empower Efficient Claims Processing


Using Technology to Empower Efficient Claims Processing

WorkiQ by OpenConnect measures the activities of your back-office team in real time. With this data, you can be proactive in recapturing non-productive time and, in the process, increase productivity.

Molina Healthcare discussed its experience using technology to support and improve claims operations. Areas such as process improvement, employee performance score carding, and employee efficiency can all be directly impacted if the right technology is implemented.

On December 9, 2014, OpenConnect hosted a webinar with discussion topics that included:

  • Electronic time/motion study
  • Measuring claims examiners based on standards
  • Comparing claims examiners to their peers
  • Comparing productive vs. non-productive time by individual and teams

This webinar explored emerging best practices in capturing and measuring back-office productivity. Armed with accurate and real-time data, this webinar also discussed a best-practices approach to improve back-office operations systematically through coaching, employee engagement strategies, and improving overall team productivity to breakthrough levels.

What you will learn by viewing the recorded webinar

  • How providing visibility through real-time collection, measurement, and ongoing monitoring can impact productivity in claims operations
  • Reporting and dashboard strategies to effectively improve employee engagement
  • The power of an engaged workforce with an active voice in the productivity measurement approach and interpretation

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