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AutoiQ Process Automation

An entirely different beast.

Process automation is critical in today’s digital economy.

Driving long-term value from process automation requires the right automation solution architecture — regardless of RPA product or other automation tools. AutoiQ is an indispensable part of how OpenConnect gives you a path to automation success.

AutoiQ provides lower development costs, faster return on automation investments, and the necessary governance controls to deliver enterprise automation at scale.

Our unique task-oriented architecture not only provides the speed, scale, and control to deliver true enterprise automation, but it also enables variable automation components. This allows you to pay for what you use in peak or normal periods — not what you might need at maximum demand. That’s enterprise automation.

Automate tasks and workflows, regardless of complexity.

Whether your challenges relate to improving claims-processing accuracy and efficiency, improving customer service, enforcing compliance, or reducing costs, OpenConnect’s AutoiQ enterprise-class automation software is designed to automate tasks (regardless of complexity) and workflows, and to improve first-pass efficiency.

AutoiQ is more than just one a one-trick pony when it comes to handling enterprise automation requirements. AutoiQ also enables central governance of multiple RPA products, including non-OpenConnect applications. That’s especially welcome news to any CIO who’s been trying to rein in multiple departments’ duplicative and inefficient automation efforts.

If your company uses mainframes, AutoiQ is pretty much your “go-to” choice for automation. Only AutoiQ includes OpenConnect’s industry-leading connectivity capabilities right out of the box, allowing it to work effectively with systems and data sources at all levels.

AutoiQ Features


Multi-tier architecture for scalability

Task-oriented architecture

enables components for process execution

Server-based process execution

Variable-based robot usage based on demand

Re-use of components

Integration of other components to complete automated process

(desktop, other server, Web)

Simplified user interface

enables business analysts to design process automation

No code required

process automation builds assemble from libraries of tasks

Robots dynamically allocated based upon workload


Independent schedule creation

that can be tied to multiple processes

Centralized reporting of robot status and results

detailed auditing of robot process flow automatically built into the product

Secure credential vault with automatic password creation

Delivering value and benefits spanning multiple industries:

Healthcare insurance companies have significantly increased operational first-pass rate by automating the processing of a large number of additional claims beyond the capability of their primary claims adjudication application.

P&C insurance companies have reduced administrative costs, improved First Notice of Loss, reduced claims inventory, and improved quality and combined ratios.

Customer service organizations have increased customer satisfaction and service by improving First Call Resolution (FCR), order entry, and provisioning processes.

Key Benefits

Quicker ROI for automation investment

faster deployment at scale with server-based execution and management

Lower TCO for RPA investment

Variable robot execution and pricing

Manage peaks and valleys of automation demand

Lower upfront and ongoing development costs

Reduced process cycle times and 24×7 productivity

Completely server-based architecture

including all software robots

Centralized governance of automation products

(including managing third-party RPA robots)

Industry-leading connectivity

Multiple data sources, including mainframes and other large systems

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