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AutoiQ process automation

The speed, accuracy, control, and scalability that only true enterprise RPA can provide.

It’s hard these days not to hear a lot about robotic process automation (RPA) — particularly if it’s part of your job to get more done with fewer resources. (And, hey, isn’t it everybody’s?)

At OpenConnect, we’ve been doing what is now called RPA since early in this century. OpenConnect automation software has helped our customers save millions of dollars while greatly improving throughput.

With RPA, you feed “robots” (not sci-fi androids, but just specialized software applications) the necessary rules and data to accomplish a repetitive task. The robots then perform the task by using the same tools that humans would use, only with far greater speed and with zero errors. That’s pretty much RPA in a nutshell.

Whether your challenges relate to improving claims processing accuracy and efficiency, improving customer service, enforcing compliance, or reducing costs, OpenConnect’s AutoiQ enterprise-class RPA software is designed to automate tasks (regardless of complexity) and workflows and improve first-pass efficiency. AutoiQ is an indispensable part of OpenConnect’s path to automation success.

AutoiQ is more than just a one-trick pony when it comes to handling enterprise automation requirements. AutoiQ also enables central governance of multiple RPA products, including non-OpenConnect applications. That’s especially welcome news to any CIO who’s been trying to rein in multiple departments’ duplicative and inefficient automation efforts.

If your company uses mainframesAutoiQ is pretty much your “go-to” choice for automation. Only AutoiQ includes OpenConnect’s industry-leading connectivity capabilities right out of the box, allowing it to work effectively with systems and data sources at all levels.

Because AutoiQ is completely server-based — all its software robots and the rules that guide them exist on the server, rather than on individual desktops or virtual machines — it’s incredibly robust and almost infinitely scalable. That’s particularly important when you’re dealing with workloads that can “spike” without much notice. With AutoiQ, you simply add more server-based robots and you’re good to go.

AutoiQ is the latest generation of OpenConnect automation software products that deliver value and benefits spanning multiple industries:

  • Healthcare insurance companies have significantly increased operational first-pass rate by automating the processing of a large number of additional claims beyond the capability of their primary claims adjudication application.
  • P&C insurance companies have reduced administrative costs, improved First Notice of Loss, reduced claims inventory, and improved quality and combined ratios.
  • Customer service organizations have increased customer satisfaction and service by improving First Call Resolution (FCR), order entry, and provisioning processes.

What AutoiQ includes.

  • Entirely server-based architecture
  • Business rules to determine workflow
  • Dashboard views with real-time status
  • Centralized governance
  • Highly secure, encrypted data
  • Advanced connectivity capabilities
  • Tasks that span multiple systems, applications, or services

Actual success stories of OpenConnect automation products.

Customer #1: Midwestern regional health plan

  • Profile — Not-for profit plan operating at 82% adjudication rate. Hundreds of suspend codes and changing business conditions stalled adjudication rate improvement.
  • Results — Finalized approximately 200,000 claims in first year of deployment. Improved adjudication rate to 94.4%. Yielded a total annual savings of $6 million.

Customer #2: Eastern regional health plan

  • Profile — Not-for-profit plan operating at 77% adjudication rate. No prior experience with automating claims external to claims engine.
  • Results — 155,000 claims finalized within first six months. Improved adjudication rate to 82% in first year. Yielded a total annual savings of $3 million.

Customer #3: National health plan

  • Profile — For-profit plan operating at 74% adjudication rate. Had existing automation program with more than 75 robots in operation. Multiple, disparate processing centers and lines of business created automation challenges.
  • Results — Automated 50,000 claims within first six months. Improved effectiveness and lowered cost of automation. Yielded first-year savings of $3 million.

Key benefits.

  • Significant cost savings and optimized resources
  • Reduced process cycle times and 24×7 productivity
  • Better speed and quality
  • Completely server-based architecture, including all software robots
  • Centralized governance of automation products (including managing third-party RPA robots)
  • Industry-leading connectivity with multiple data sources, including mainframes and other large systems

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