Recorded Webinar — Improve Claims Processing Through Workforce Analytics

Webinar hosted by AHIP and WorkiQ recorded on December 9, 2014, featuring Molina Healthcare

Using technology to empower efficient claims processing

WorkiQ measures the activities of your back office team in real-time. With this data you can be proactive in re-capturing non-productive time and increase productivity in the process.

Molina Healthcare will discuss their experience using technology to support and improve claims operations. Areas such as process improvement, employee performance score carding and employee efficiency can all be directly impacted if the right technology is implemented.

Discussion topics include:

  • Electronic time motion study
  • Measuring claims examiners based on standards
  • Comparing claims examiners to their peers
  • Comparing time spent in productive activities that drive engagement

This webinar will explore emerging best practices using big data in capturing and measuring back office productivity. Armed with accurate and real time data, this webinar will also discuss a best practices approach to systematically improve back office operations through coaching, employee engagement strategies, and improving overall team productivity to breakthrough levels.

What you will learn by attending:

  • How providing visibility through real time collection, measurement and on-going monitoring can impact productivity in claims operations
  • Reporting and dashboard strategies to effectively improve employee engagement
  • The power of an engaged workforce with an active voice in the productivity measurement approach and interpretation

Click here to see the recorded webinar.

Smarter Work Through Workforce Analytics

As identified in our latest blog from Ed, “Achieving Rapid Payback on Real-Time Workforce Analytics…”, labor costs, overtime, contract workers and lost time due to ineffective measurements… are all challenges back office operations experience today. Now let’s take a few minutes to explore how your operation can get on the road to achieving that pay back in those significant loss areas.

There are 3 basic steps to a return on investment using workforce analytics.   Measure in real-time, Manage in real-time and Improve in real-time.   Let me explain further…

Current methods of self-reporting or attempting to gather information from multiple systems and consolidating to a single dashboard have proven either inefficient or inaccurate.   The only true method to payback is by instrumenting systems and processes that enable your People to have the data at their fingertips, providing the opportunity to “coach in real time”.   This approach has proven to provide real Results based on a Smarter Work approach.

Measure in real-time – By instrumenting your enterprise systems (desktops, virtual environments such as Citrix or the mainframe) your operation can begin collecting valuable big data on applications and websites being utilized; idle time, and time spent outside of productive applications. Without this real-time measurement, operations have little control over the timing of business agility or outcomes.  

Manage in real-time – Once this data is available to managers and directors decisions can be made in real-time about staffing, overtime and inventory distribution. These decisions can be made today vs. waiting for self-reporting or consolidated decisions that may be available tomorrow or later in the week.   These decisions can be based on facts in the moment regardless if staff is in the office, working from home, or even part of an outsourcing contract.

Improve in real-time – Now that decisions are being made on inventory and work. Overall team performance improvement begins to happen.   Recapturing lost time is finding new opportunities to improve individual performance, which rolls up to overall team improvement. Managers can now locate their true top performers to reward and recognize them, thus creating a culture of accountability and engagement.   Based on a Gallup Poll in 2013, “Companies with a highly engaged workforce outperformed other companies by 23%.”   Smarter Results!

WorkiQ is impacting back office operations in this manner today with immediate payback. It has been exciting to see the improvements our customers are attaining in months not years.

What is your WorkiQ?”

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