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ConnectiQ mainframe integration

The Mainframe Meets the Rest of Your Business

Mainframe applications weren’t designed for integration with other applications; they were designed for humans. This makes it difficult when you want to use mainframe data with external applications or automated processes. And it can make it almost impossible to integrate your mainframe with the Web-based world in which most of your other computer applications live.

Fortunately for your enterprise, there’s ConnectiQ by OpenConnect. It allows integration with mainframe applications without the performance issues related to desktop tools. Instead, ConnectiQ is server-based. It uses the same mainframe protocols as desktop emulators, yet provides direct access to the mainframe and interprets the raw 3270 data stream. This approach lets ConnectiQ capture every data element, including hidden elements. As a result, every transaction between the mainframe and the desktop can be executed flawlessly.

We built ConnectiQ the right way — server-based for maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.

Ensure Web Services Serve You

ConnectiQ is a single-tier execution environment for Web services, via which it allows secured access to several back-end data and transaction sources. Through SSL authentication and document signing, ConnectiQ uses multiple software libraries for high-strength encryption, authentication, and digital signatures. Database servers store configuration information that can be replicated automatically.


Make the Connect-ion

ConnectiQ is scalable, flexible, accurate, and dependable. Does your business deserve any less? Contact OpenConnect today to learn how ConnectiQ can make your mainframe an even more mainstream part of your everyday workflow.

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