RPA Enablement for the Mainframe

RPA Enablement for the Mainframe

Mainframe in a Modern World?

The answer to that question might surprise you. With all the web, AI, big data themes in today’s IT strategies, you might not consider the mainframe as a necessary or critical part of your automation journey. The fact of the matter is mainframes are here to stay, so they need to be considered when delivering RPA solutions. 70% of Global Fortune 500 run their primary tasks on mainframes. Mainframes are also a cornerstone of data security because they encrypt data anywhere without degrading performance.

Rather than planning RPA mainframe processes through desktop emulators that are slower and unreliable, ConnectiQ allows you to embrace mainframe as RPA “ready”. ConnectiQ is OpenConnect’s RPA enablement solution for mainframe processes. ConnectiQ allows you to create a library of re-usable web-services, without API programming, that can be used across all your RPA platforms. These services maintain the functionality and data integrity even as changes are made on the mainframe.

Transforming Mainframe RPA Integration

ConnectiQ is a single tier execution environment for web services which allows you to securely access data and transactions on the mainframe. It leverages standard TN3270 protocol for easy configuration of mainframe tasks into an overall RPA solution. Through SSL authentication and document signing, ConnectiQ uses multiple software libraries for high-strength encryption, authentication, and digital signatures. Database servers store configuration information that can be replicated automatically.

Going Faster and Further

ConnectiQ, coupled with your RPA solutions can extend your automation footprint and its performance. That means faster throughput and more RPA enablement across the organization.

We are ready to help improve your robot performance by 7x and open up your mainframe process to RPA enablement.

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