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 DiscoveriQ Process Discovery

Because change is constant, you must always know what needs changing.

Process Intelligence for Real Work

Automation, Analytics, Robotics, Continuous Improvements. These terms are nearly ubiquitous on the subject of business processes and organizations’ needs or desires to change them – for the better of course. Can or should I automate? Where? Even if you are asking these questions up front in your automation journey, do you have the right information and tools to make an informed and efficient decision?

At OpenConnect, our DiscoveriQ process intelligence solution gives you the power to make the correct decisions. DiscoveriQ, coupled with our WorkiQ® solution provides accurate and complete process visualization and process documentation across your enterprise.

Process Insight…Early and Often

DiscoveriQ provides thorough and unbiased process visualization that allows you to quickly see how processes and their variants are executed in your organization. Effective overlays such as “count” and “think” time provide strong indicators of automation and/or training opportunities.

DiscoveriQ can also automatically produce process documentation with screen shots, workflow steps, and data requirements. This documentation can be used as automation requirements or training which results in increased process accuracy and efficiency.

With its easy integration with WorkiQ® , process visualization and documentation becomes evergreen in your organization making DiscoveriQ a vital component of any process improvement automation initiative.


Knowledge is…

OpenConnect’s DiscoveriQ process intelligence solution provides a variety of benefits including:


Unbiased visualization of processes based upon actual work performed

Off-the-shelf integration with WorkiQ® to easily translate workforce intelligence

Data overlays like “think time” and “capture count” provide process insights for automation or training purposes


Easy identification of process variants which can be assessed for root cause

Automatic creation of process documentation for automation requirements or training material

Automatically generated process documentation that captures screenshots, workflow steps, and data requirements

Integration allows for evergreen process intelligence and process documentation solutions
(regardless of whether processes are automated or not, and independent of workforce location

50%-70% reduction in time to gather and document process automation requirements

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