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DiscoveriQ Process Discovery

Because change must be constant, you must always know what needs changing.

Know What to Change

Businesses that resist change lose out. However, if you don’t know which of your processes need to change, how do you make that change happen? How do you do it on a continuing basis? And what about when you need sufficient knowledge of your processes to implement robotic process automation (RPA) quickly and efficiently?

These needs are why process discovery is critical to any organization.

Often, it can be difficult. Process discovery involves not only identifying processes but also comprehensively documenting them. Moreover, its usual methods are mostly manual, and they tend to provide incomplete information that quickly becomes outdated — hence, worthless to you.

All of this tends to make organizations perform process discovery only grudgingly, rather than making it just as constant as the change that requires it. This frustrates any efforts to automate your workflow and improve your workers’ performance.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

See the Big Picture

With DiscoveriQ process discovery software from OpenConnect, you can discover, visualize, and analyze from a business-process perspective. This enables your innovation teams to see the whole, continually changing picture — a picture that provides an enterprise-wide view, not the usual, limited, departmental-level perspective often found in flawed process discovery efforts.

Moreover, using DiscoveriQ is vastly quicker and more automatic than usual process discovery methods. DiscoveriQ even provides automatic documentation of its findings, vastly speeding up and simplifying the entire effort. When process discovery ceases to be a slow, painful process, thanks to DiscoveriQ, you can more easily reach, and exceed, your organization’s vital transformational goals — on a continuing basis.

As outstanding as it is on its own, DiscoveriQ really shines when paired with OpenConnect’s WorkiQ® desktop analytics product, which performs seamless, unobtrusive collection of real-time data from employees’ actual work. Also, if your plans include automating some of your workflow, such as through our AutoiQ enterprise RPA platform, DiscoveriQ and WorkiQ give you full visibility into how your staff currently handles that work. That’s a critical part of the path to automation success.

Knowledge Is . . .

DiscoveriQ brings efficiency, accuracy, and insight into your business processes — and with a speed and cost-effectiveness that you just can’t achieve manually. It maintains business process knowledge at the enterprise level with continuous discovery, and without disrupting your day-to-day business operations. You gain the benefits of automatic process visualization and analytics, thanks to the multi-pronged discovery approach of using both WorkiQ and DiscoveriQ. Finally, you have the enterprise-wide, ongoing view of your processes that is absolutely necessary for maximum success in your journey to RPA.

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