DiscoverNow from OpenConnect | Identifying your automation opportunities


Guidance for Your Automation Journey

For decades, OpenConnect has helped companies successfully realize significant boosts in throughput through process automation. Now, with DiscoverNow, we can make that expertise a vital part of your tool kit.

DiscoverNow is OpenConnect’s consultation service that helps you:

  • Identify opportunities for process automation — Once you are ready to embark on an automation initiative, you must discover which parts of your business are ripe for automation.
  • Deliver a business case for your automation project — Automation is a big deal, and it is best achieved when you get buy-in all the way up and down your corporate ladder.

The DiscoverNow Approach

Here are the steps in a DiscoverNow consultation.

DiscoverNow Workshop
(two to four hours)

  • Identify and prioritize goals
  • List process opportunities
  • Expose pain points
  • Prioritize processes
  • Identify metrics
  • Agree on success criteria

User Observations
(typically an hour)

  • Observe all processes being assessed
  • Gather process metrics
  • Identify why steps are being performed
  • Gather artifacts

(one week)

  • Map improvements to goals
  • Define automated processes
  • Calculate and validate ROI estimates

(two hours)

  • Present proposal to stakeholders
  • Explain automation improvements
  • Present mockups (if applicable)
  • Present expected ROI

The Key to Your Automation Success

Without guidance, your automation journey can be difficult and frustrating. It’s not enough just to know that you need to automate; you also need to know how to get there. A comprehensive DiscoverNow consultation from OpenConnect plays a vital role in making that happen. It starts you on the way to a fully successful automation implementation that brings the most benefit and more quickly pays for itself.

To learn more about what DiscoverNow can do for your organization, please submit the form below or contact us at

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