OpenConnect news release, 2016-03-10: OpenConnect releases WorkiQ 6.5

OpenConnect releases WorkiQ 6.5
Latest version of industry-leading desktop analytics solution adds tremendous scalability, enhanced reporting, and more

Dallas, Texas, March 10, 2016OpenConnect Systems Incorporated, a leader in software solutions that deliver efficiencies derived from objective workforce intelligence, analytics, and robotic process automation, today announced the release of Version 6.5 of its industry-leading WorkiQ desktop analytics solution.

WorkiQ, first introduced by OpenConnect in 2011, is software that enables enterprises to improve productivity by tracking actual worker activity, even for those working off-site. The valuable data thus gathered can be used to: learn why “star” performers are outpacing peers, so that their methods can be taught to others; determine what habits may be causing lower performance and therefore should be discouraged; and perform process analysis to see which tasks are better performed by humans and which might be done better and more cost-effectively by software-based automation (such as OpenConnect’s own separate solution, WorkiQ Robotic Process Automation).

WorkiQ 6.5 includes these and many more features:

  • Dramatically greater scalability — Now WorkiQ can scale to tens of thousands of users, so it’s ready for all enterprises, large and small.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities — In addition to the advanced reporting powers WorkiQ already provided, WorkiQ 6.5 gives managers new ways to view historical data, so comparing performance data over time is just a simple point-and-click procedure.
  • Alternate-dataset drilldown — It’s easier than ever to make incredibly useful analytics charts from the data WorkiQ generates, particularly since one can now mix and match data from multiple datasets.
  • Calculated fields — This powerful feature lets a manager combine multiple fields and apply a calculation to create a new field. This provides a way to include company-specific data into WorkiQ analytics and reporting. For example: companies today run multiple shifts and allow workers to flex their time, so WorkiQ 6.5’s calculated-fields feature allows applying an employee’s shift to the measurement of productive time.

“At OpenConnect, we have long prided ourselves on creating innovative software solutions that give enterprises clearer and more accurate views of their workforces’ productivity,” said Mark Dailey, OpenConnect’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very proud to release WorkiQ 6.5, and look forward to seeing how many ways our current and future customers will find to boost their productivity through their use of the intelligent information it provides.”

“Unlike other workgroup-level products, WorkiQ is sufficiently scalable to handle an entire enterprise. This lets a C-level officer view both real-time and historical reports on every department in the company,” said Kevin Culliton, OpenConnect’s Vice President of Product Management, who oversaw the development of WorkiQ 6.5. He added, “The new features in this release will provide OpenConnect’s customers even better insight into workforce productivity. It also will enable them to create their own metrics, based on industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs).”

Pricing and availability

WorkiQ 6.5 is available immediately. Pricing varies, depending on specific customer configuration needs. For additional and more specific information, interested companies may contact OpenConnect at 972.888.0470 or

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