OpenConnect news release, 2016-07-19: OpenConnect officially releases AutoiQ process automation software

OpenConnect officially releases AutoiQ process automation software
New robotic process automation (RPA) solution achieves general availability

Dallas, Texas, July 19, 2016OpenConnect, a leader in software solutions that deliver efficiencies derived from objective workforce intelligence, analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA), has announced the official release of its AutoiQ process automation software solution.

Having successfully passed beta-testing over the last several months, AutoiQ has reached Version 1.0 and is generally available. This comes after a period of limited availability that began with OpenConnect’s initial announcement of the software on May 17.

Robotic process automation uses software robots to perform tasks vastly more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately than humans. It is a particularly good fit for back-office processes, which OpenConnect specializes in analyzing and automating for its customers. AutoiQ offers a variety of benefits, particularly in comparison to competing RPA offerings:

  • AutoiQ is server-based — The OpenConnect approach to process automation puts the robots on one or more servers, rather than on individual PCs. This gives AutoiQ vastly superior speed, enables its robots to share rules and logic from a single source, and provides nearly infinite scalability.
  • AutoiQ achieves unmatched mainframe connectivity and data access — This is a key and unique advantage of AutoiQ. Another automation product would communicate with a company’s mainframe via an emulator, using outdated techniques that introduce inaccuracy and have only limited scalability. By comparison, AutoiQ needs no emulator because OpenConnect’s advanced connectivity features enable AutoiQ to communicate natively and seamlessly with the mainframe, capturing every bit of data required. Indeed, AutoiQ accesses all processes with which it comes in contact — whether desktop-based, server-based, or mainframe-based — through their native interfaces.
  • AutoiQ handles all levels of complexity — While less sophisticated process automation solutions take over only the most mundane tasks, AutoiQ allows an enterprise to automate processes along a continuum of complexity, from the simplest to the most intricate.
  • AutoiQ provides “five-nines” availability — Although AutoiQ is new, its architecture and features benefit from the decade-plus of experience that OpenConnect has had in putting process automation to work for global enterprises, during which OpenConnect’s automation solutions have operated with 99.999% uptime.

“It’s clear that process automation has become one of the hottest topics in the business world, as enterprises seek to achieve greater productivity while lowering their overall costs,” said Mark Dailey, OpenConnect’s Chief Executive Officer. “AutoiQ is the latest example of OpenConnect’s excellence in process automation, built on our long experience in enabling enterprises to be more productive, more efficient, and better connected.”

“I commend our development team, which worked long and hard to make AutoiQ a reality,” said Kevin Culliton, OpenConnect’s Vice President of Product Management. “We also are grateful to those customers who graciously participated in beta-testing and provided invaluable information we used in getting AutoiQ ready to go.”

Availability and pricing

AutoiQ is available immediately. Pricing varies, depending on specific customer configuration needs. For additional and more specific information, interested companies may contact OpenConnect at 972.888.0470 or To read about AutoiQ on the OpenConnect website, one can visit or

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