OpenConnect news release, 2016-11-17: OpenConnect officially releases ConnectiQ

OpenConnect officially releases ConnectiQ
Software product built to be key to mainframe modernization

Dallas, Texas, November 17, 2016OpenConnect, a leader in enterprise software products that deliver efficiencies derived from objective workforce intelligence, analytics, and robotic process automation, has announced the official release of its ConnectiQ software, which enhances connectivity with mainframes and can be a key part of an enterprise’s mainframe modernization program.

ConnectiQ receives raw 3270-protocol data streams from mainframe applications and presents that data as a Web service that can be integrated with any desktop computing platform or application. ConnectiQ is ideal for creating a Web application as part of an overall mainframe modernization program — particularly because it requires no modifications to the mainframe, its data, or its applications. It’s also ideal for using with existing robotic process automation (RPA) tools to facilitate better mainframe access. ConnectiQ works in conjunction with OpenConnect’s AutoiQ process automation software product, providing a superb conduit for mainframe automation projects.

Fully 70% of enterprises’ data exists, and more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies run their core businesses, on mainframe computers. The value of mainframes rings particularly true for enterprises such as healthcare insurance companies, where data security is of maximum importance. Of course, today’s workplace is a very different place than it was at the dawn of the mainframe era, so the challenge is to achieve the simplest and most cost-effective interconnectivity and interactivity between mainframes and the modern, Web-oriented office computing environment. ConnectiQ uses time-tested, OpenConnect-exclusive technology to facilitate this.

Some benefits of ConnectiQ include:

  • ConnectiQ provides direct access to the mainframe and interprets its raw 3270 data stream — You might say ConnectiQ “speaks the mainframe’s language.” This approach allows ConnectiQ to capture every data element, including otherwise hidden elements, in the mainframe’s 3270-protocol data stream.
  • ConnectiQ is server-based — Some mainframe integration products run on individual desktop PCs. This gives IT departments much more work to do, including PC-by-PC installation and maintenance. It also causes performance to suffer, not only dropping some data but also slowing down most office-level PCs. By contrast, ConnectiQ lives on a server for maximum speed, scalability, and reliability. It’s much easier for the IT team to handle on an ongoing basis, while efficiently providing clean, quick access to the mainframe for all authorized users.
  • ConnectiQ is a single-tier execution environment for Web services — The smart way to make the mainframe “talk” with today’s office computing environment is the use of Web services, through which ConnectiQ allows secured access to back-end data and transaction sources. Through SSL authentication and document signing, ConnectiQ uses multiple software libraries for high-strength encryption, authentication, and digital signatures.
  • ConnectiQ provides advanced versioning — When building transactional interfaces between the mainframe and desktop users, an IT department must keep track of versions, including distinguishing between production and test code as well as being able to roll back to previous versions when newer code “breaks things.” ConnectiQ has robust and nearly unlimited versioning functionality, providing maximum flexibility and peace-of-mind.
  • ConnectiQ is highly scalable — None of its other capabilities would matter much if ConnectiQ were easily daunted by the growing numbers of mainframe sessions its users will want to access. ConnectiQ’s tremendous scalability enables it to handle hundreds of concurrent mainframe sessions; it also supports both persistent and non-persistent connections, which is highly convenient for an increasingly mobile workforce.

“OpenConnect originally derived its name in the 1980s from our early expertise in enabling mainframes to intercommunicate more effectively and seamlessly with other computers,” said Mark Dailey, OpenConnect’s Chief Executive Officer. “ConnectiQ is the latest heir to that tradition. We know it will be a tremendous boon to enterprises for whom mainframe modernization is a major need.”

“Traditionally, mainframe modernization has begun from the mainframe side of the equation, but that can be enormously costly and time-consuming,” said Kevin Culliton, OpenConnect’s Vice President of Product Management. “With ConnectiQ, an enterprise IT department can quickly and cost-efficiently provide a clean, friendly interface between users and the mainframe’s critical data and applications.”

Availability and pricing

ConnectiQ is available immediately. Pricing varies, depending on specific customer configuration needs. For additional and more specific information, interested companies may contact OpenConnect at 800.551.5881 or To read about ConnectiQ on the OpenConnect website, one can visit or

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