OpenConnect news release, 2018-11-08: OpenConnect Announces Free Test Drive of WorkiQ

OpenConnect Announces Free Test Drive of WorkiQ
Now Available Exclusively on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Dallas, Texas, November 8, 2018 — This month, OpenConnect will begin offering a key piece of its work@home Framework as a free 30-day trial on Microsoft’s Azure marketplace. WorkiQ® is a Citrix ReadyTM solution that helps teams with remote workers measure, manage and improve productivity in real time, benefitting both productivity and employee engagement.

  • Manage remote workers according to the same standards as their in-office peers.
  • Identify your top performers so you can help replicate their processes across teams.
  • Improve distribution of work by identifying underutilized skill sets or overworked employees.
  • Improve employee engagement and accountability.
  • Reduce outsourcing and overtime expense by increasing the efficiency of current FTEs.
  • Potential ROI in 6 months with performance and productivity increases of up to 20%.

“Getting this powerful software into people’s hands is key to helping them understand the real value it can provide,” says OpenConnect CEO, Mark Dailey. “This free test drive lets users monitor their own data in real time, so they can see the specific benefits to their organizations from day one. Whether you’re simply looking to improve productivity and engagement or are looking for areas to potentially automate, WorkiQ gives you the unbiased data you need to make decisions and implement change.”

The WorkiQ free test drive comes with full support from OpenConnect so that customers can learn to maximize the software’s capabilities through customizable dashboards and a variety of reports available. After the trial, seamless conversion to the fully-loaded version of the software is available, so none of the user insights gained will be lost.

Those interested in signing up for the free trial can visit the Azure marketplace or learn more and contact OpenConnect directly online or 800.551.5881.

About OpenConnect

OpenConnect is the leading provider of enterprise-scale robotic process automation. The OpenConnect process automation platform is comprised of process intelligence and desktop analytics solutions that objectively identify and illuminate workforce activity, resulting in associated productivity gains. With OpenConnect’s mainframe-proficient AutoiQ™ process automation software, the costliest processes performed by a workforce can be automated. Combining unparalleled experience and solution capabilities, OpenConnect enables its clients to more quickly address and adapt to today’s operational and competitive challenges so they can accomplish more with fewer resources. Learn more about OpenConnect and its products at

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