OpenConnect news release, 2019-03-19: OpenConnect RPA Assets Now Available in UiPath Go!

OpenConnect RPA Assets Now Available in UiPathGo!
Developer Community and Customers Benefit from Access

Dallas, Texas, March 19, 2019 — Following OpenConnect’s recent partnership with UiPath, allowing the company to offer customers more innovative products and services, OpenConnect is now participating in UiPath Go!, with five solutions available:  WorkiQ, DiscoveriQ, ConnectiQ, Claims Audit Workflow and Provider Data Update Workflow.

Billed as a one-stop-shop for RPA components, the Go! marketplace benefits both customers and the developer community by providing an open environment for collaboration and innovation. The platform includes content like reusable RPA components, drag-and-drop process activities, dashboards and documentation from a large, dedicated community of contributors. Developers enjoy the freedom to upload, share and use automation components that work directly in UiPath Studio. Customers can use the tools available to accelerate their RPA progress.

The five OpenConnect solutions that are available via UiPath Go! are intended to be used in conjunction with UiPath to improve the quality and efficiency of RPA outcomes.

  • WorkiQ — A workforce intelligence solution that identifies the exact work being performed. Through a revolutionary data capture capability, WorkiQ can reveal insights about Applications, Screens, Time, Counts and Process.
  • DiscoveriQ — Provides thorough and unbiased process visualization that quickly shows how processes and their variants are executed in an organization. Effective overlays such as “count” and “think” time provide strong indicators of automation and/or training opportunities.
  • ConnectiQ — OpenConnect’s mainframe RPA enabler provides scalable access to mainframe applications by turning the native mainframe protocol into web services speeding the performance and reliability of mainframe automation beyond that of desktop emulators.
  • Claims Audit Workflow — This workflow facilitates end-to-end healthcare audit automation by comparing the payment made for a claim with the appropriate state Medicare-negotiated price for the procedure code.
  • Provider Data Update Workflow — This workflow facilitates end-to-end healthcare services automation by facilitating updating of provider data to finalize claims adjudication. It provides the ability search the NPI registry and gather updated provider information, then update a payer’s provider data systems of record.

“These are valuable tools on their own, but paired with UiPath’s RPA system, both our products and UiPath’s product provide infinitely more value,” says OpenConnect CEO, Mark Dailey. “Our entry into UiPath Go! provides a wider audience for these solutions, meaning not only do more customers benefit, but we expect that with engagement from the developer community, we’ll also see new uses and get insights that will help us improve our offerings.”

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OpenConnect is the leading provider of workforce and process analytics for automation solutions. Robust work, task and process analytics, documentation, and design is critical in determining what to automate and how the automation occurs. The OpenConnect process intelligence, desktop analytics and mainframe solutions objectively identify and illuminate workforce activity. Combining unparalleled experience and solution capabilities, OpenConnect enables its clients to more quickly address and adapt to today’s operational and competitive challenges at lower costs.  Learn more about OpenConnect and its products at


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