OpenConnect news release, 2019-05-02: OpenConnect offers innovative new pricing model for data and process mining

OpenConnect Offers Innovative New Pricing Model for Data and Process Mining
Limits On Volume and Collection Points Are Eliminated

Dallas, Texas, May 2, 2019 — OpenConnect is announcing an innovative new pricing model for its WorkiQ and DiscoveriQ products that will help customers maximize data capture while simplifying licensing. The goal is to let customers collect as much data as they need — from one to thousands of desktops, data from RPA robots and data from other sources like Citrix servers or mainframes — all under simple licensing for only the people who need to analyze and use the data. That means regardless of how many processes, activities, tasks, cases or collection points are used, they’re all covered.

This innovative pricing structure bunks the traditional industry approach for data and process mining solutions, which ties pricing to the volume of data, number of collection points, number of robots or amount of data storage utilized. This approach can lead to collecting less data, as decision makers may need to reduce costs or simply not want to deal with continually updating license agreements whenever additional data needs to be captured.

“We know that good workforce intelligence and process intelligence are the key to putting into place an RPA plan that actually maximizes ROI. Without enough of the right data, you don’t have a good foundation. So we’re making it easier for our customer to get as much data as they need for their analysis without the cost and hassles that can come along with traditional pricing plans,” says OpenConnect CEO, Mark Dailey.

OpenConnect now offers basic quick-start packages for WorkiQ and DiscoveriQ customers. These allows customers to quickly start collecting the right volume of data so they can get an accurate picture of their workforce and processes and where the real opportunities for improvement lie.


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