OpenConnect news release, 2019-06-25: OpenConnect Launches Next Generation of DiscoveriQ

OpenConnect Launches Next Generation of DiscoveriQ
Update Includes New Features and Streamlined Functionality

DALLAS, TEXAS, June 25, 2019 — OpenConnect, the leading provider of workforce and process intelligence for automation solutions, is announcing the launch of the next generation of its DiscoveriQ solution, available in general release today. This significant update provides the first and only process discovery solution offering endless flexibility and “real-world” data capture to truly impact the speed and reliability to enhance the automation and digital transformation journeys.

The new DiscoveriQ primarily delivers these key capabilities:

  1. New Activity Engine — Uses advance data capture to quickly identify key desktop and user events that can feed critical process requirements needed to effectively deliver RPA projects. This new engine is easy to use with an intuitive UI, and allows customers to identify key events that once they occur are included in process intelligence. Users do not need to know when these events will occur, DiscoveriQ will capture and organize using machine learning.
  2. New Process Intelligence Features — Provide more flexibility with filters, perspectives, views, variances, and analysis. Customers get more flexibility to review, select and ultimately document the processes and activities that matter to them.
  3. New Pricing Model — Makes the data collection more robust and affordable while providing customers with a larger sample size of real world work being performed feeding the automation pipeline.   It is also the only solution that can collect data from desktops, Citrix and mainframes directly. 

DiscoveriQ ii different from current methods of process discovery in several ways:

  1. Most organizations are doing manual interviews and time/motion studies which are largely time consuming and inaccurate.
  2. RPA desktop recorders are primarily used as stop gap measures, but are only based on a few desktops in a short amount of recording time. Additionally, they are limited to a single RPA platform. Large F1000 companies need a solution that can provide data to ANY RPA solution.
  3. Process mining, while very efficient at capturing end to end processes from system logs for specific systems, is missing significant desktop-level task detail needed in order to program a robot to emulate human activity. 

DiscoveriQ can run alongside other (third-party) automation solutions and can be configured to gather data at an enterprise level on an ongoing basis, creating larger sample sizes for more detailed views of employee tasks. The solution provides an automated way to capture, analyze, and report all the previous methods in one solution and can be deployed in just days. Paired with OpenConnect’s WorkiQ, DiscoveriQ gives the workforce and process analytics necessary to begin a successful path to automation.

“One of the hardest parts of automation is understanding how work is done today.  DiscoveriQ delivers that detail to your team and allows you to explore the best approach to automate,” says Chris Thilburg, Partner at JOLT Advantage Group, an OpenConnect partner. “If you are looking to get more out of your RPA investment, we would recommend DiscoveriQ to boost the journey”

The general release of the new version of DiscoveriQ is ready for deployment today. OpenConnect, along with our customers and partners, have already conducted a preview period and the results were impressive, with good input for ease of use.     

We are already deploying in customers’ sites and recruiting and training partners to deliver this same value to their customers. We are also on-boarding new partners in specific vertical or geographic areas.

About OpenConnect

OpenConnect is the leading provider of workforce and process analytics for automation solutions. Robust work, task and process analytics, documentation, and design is critical in determining what to automate and how the automation occurs. The OpenConnect process intelligence, desktop analytics and mainframe solutions objectively identify and illuminate workforce activity. Combining unparalleled experience and solution capabilities, OpenConnect enables its clients to more quickly address and adapt to today’s operational and competitive challenges at lower costs.  Learn more about OpenConnect and its products at


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