Products by OpenConnect | Robotic process automation, mainframe modernization, analytics


OpenConnect’s advanced software products are the latest generation of a proud line that’s been solving enterprises’ problems for decades.


Whether your challenges relate to improving claims processing accuracy and efficiency, improving customer service, enforcing compliance, or reducing costs, OpenConnect’s AutoiQ robotic process automation (RPA) is designed to automate routine tasks and workflows while improving first-pass efficiency.


Our ConnectiQ allows integration with mainframe applications without the issues related to desktop tools. Instead, ConnectiQ is a server-based product that uses the same mainframe protocols as desktop emulators, yet provides direct access to the mainframe and interprets the raw 3270 data stream. This approach lets ConnectiQ capture every data element, including hidden elements. As a result, every transaction between the mainframe and the desktop can be executed flawlessly.


WebConnect by OpenConnect is client-/server-based software that provides secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems. With its patented secure, “persistent connectivity” technology, only WebConnect can support tens of thousands of concurrent browser-based users. With WebConnect, enterprises increase productivity and profits, and retain all the advantages of secure host connectivity to new and existing applications in real time.


You can never know enough about your team. Employees perform at varying levels of productivity and efficiency. WorkiQ® by OpenConnect provides the visibility needed to identify, improve, and reward employees. It also gives you the data you need to determine where processes could be improved for a cleaner, more accurate, and more economical workflow. WorkiQ helps you answer tough questions about the people who work for you.