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OpenConnect’s Suite of Advanced Software Products is Changing the Scene.

The problem with a Big Picture is that the details are changing frequently.  OpenConnect’s DiscoveriQ process discovery software enables you to view and analyze the entire business-process landscape by identifying the Key Activities, Responsibilities, Performance Obstacles, and Goals that complete the scene in real time. By identifying and measuring these particular points with current data, you can automate and enable your team to operate efficiently and effectively.


Creating a productive and efficient team is an art. Understanding the way they work together is critical to developing a successful outcome. WorkiQ® by OpenConnect is a simple, real-time tool for reviewing and measuring employee activity to identify and improve key areas for more accurate and economical workflow. Whether you’re assessing human employees or robotic software, our user-friendly dashboard will identify needs to improve engagement and increase productivity while delivering detailed reports to acknowledge results and encourage improvement.

OpenConnect’s ConnectiQ™ enables RPA by integrating with mainframe applications and converting the 3270 data to web services instead of using mainframe emulators. This results in a solution that is almost 6 times faster compared to an emulator. Every transaction between the mainframe and the desktop can be completed smoothly and without fail.


OpenConnect’s AutoiQ™ mainframe automation delivers more efficient processing with consistent accuracy. Designed to handle simple to complex undertakings for uninterrupted workflow and increased productivity, AutoiQ™ can improve customer service and reduce costs by automating routine tasks on the path to success. It has proven to be particularly valuable in the healthcare payer market.


WebConnect™ by OpenConnect delivers secure browser-based terminal emulation that allows applications to seamlessly interact with a modern, web-based work place. WebConnect’s patented “persistent connectivity” technology can support thousands of concurrent users running new and existing applications in real time for increased productivity.

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