Potential savings from OpenConnect’s workforce analytics and robotic process automation solutions

WorkiQ Savings Calculator

Workforce MetricsAssociatesManagers
Fully Loaded Cost (Annual)
Total Workforce Cost  
Associate Work ModelData
Number of Days Worked Per Year
Number of Hours in Associate’s Day
Current Production Time Percentage
Target Production Time Percentage
Available Work Hours 
Current Production Hours 
Annual Associate’s Production Hours Increase 
Annual Associate’s Productivity Savings 
Overtime ReductionsCurrent Overtime ExpenseTarget Monthly Overtime Cost Reduction
Overtime Cost Per Month
Annual OT Savings  
Productivity RecoveryAssociate Self-reportingManager Self-reporting
Associates Conducting Self-reporting
Time Spent Self-reporting (hours/week)
Expected Reduction Percentage
Hourly Rate  
Annual Self-reporting Costs  
Annual Self-reporting Savings  
Annual Cost Savings ($) 

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