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OpenConnect’s industry-leading enterprise software products wouldn’t mean much without the industry-leading support that comes with them.

With over 30 years of experience, OpenConnect delivers the business, analytical, and technological expertise you need, wherever and however you need it.

In addition to our award-winning technology, OpenConnect also offers world-class professional services that can help you understand your processes, improve your productivity, and achieve your business improvement objectives. We focus on helping you create a continuous improvement process, so you can not only maximize your investment ROI but also understand, measure, track, and realize your cost savings and improvement objectives.

Support Services

Our Support Services help our customers run and maintain their process analytics and improvement solutions and products.

OpenConnect offers two levels of support including 24×7 support for critical cases. Our two main objectives in providing support to our customers are:

  • Global ease of access to support
  • Exceeding the customer’s expectations for case handling

Satisfaction Ratings

We listen and respond when our customers speak. One of the many methods we use is a survey that is circulated after each technical support case is closed. The quick moment it takes to complete the survey is very important and we encourage all of our customers to respond when they receive a survey. The following chart is a reflection of how well we have met our customers’ expectations; we appreciate the feedback and continue to share the results with you.

OpenConnect Technical Support satisfaction ratings

The data charted above is obtained from a customer survey sent after the close of each support case. Each attribute is measured on a 1–5 scale, with 5 representing exemplary service.

All cases are tracked, measured, and escalated when necessary. Coupled with the feedback we receive from you, this helps ensure that your experience is consistent with the objectives we have established.


Our Professional Services help customers build and execute process analytics and improvement programs using our proven delivery approach and products. The benefits include:

  • A robust, value release-based methodology and templates to reduce implementation costs and improve ROI
  • Accelerate adoption and benefits through comprehensive knowledge transfer and mentoring
  • Increased quality solutions and risk reduction through structured methodology and quality assurance processes


In a DiscoverNow consultation, you gain the benefit of our long experience with helping numerous companies achieve automation success. It can easily be the difference between an ROI-rich automation effort that achieves your goals and a less successful endeavor that spins wheels and wastes your resources. Learn more.

WorkiQ Training

OpenConnect’s advanced training packages enable our customers to maximize the value of their WorkiQ investments.

WorkiQ, the first desktop analytics suite designed specifically to measure back-office operational intelligence, is fast becoming a standard in claims, enrollment, and membership in the largest health plans in North America. Our customers are seeing, on average, a three-to-five-month payback in savings and productivity efficiencies.

The new advanced training programs are designed to support growth into new teams or business units, enhancing the usage of the data through new reports and dashboards. The training is provided on-site at a customer location, or it can be delivered virtually for remote teams. Here is a brief description of the new courses:

  • WorkiQ Advanced IT Training — One day. Provides more in-depth server maintenance and troubleshooting tips including database queries and health checks.
  • WorkiQ Advanced Administration Training — One day. Goes deeper into employee management and troubleshooting, covering license management, Gatherer status checks, and using Gatherer Groups to separate Gatherers for troubleshooting or testing new features.
  • WorkiQ Advanced Report Training — One day. Takes WorkiQ reporting to a new level, with instructions on how to add external reports and build custom Web pages that can be displayed through WorkiQ, as well as tips on using the Chart Wizard and Datasets.
  • WorkiQ Mentoring — One day. Can be used for more personalized, one-on-one training on any topic or area of WorkiQ.
  • WorkiQ Process Training — One day. Teaches WorkiQ Administrators how to define and implement processes and view the results of the process data through WorkiQ reports. Includes use of the Desktop Designer, WorkiQ’s tool for designing panels for processes.

If your organization is ready to enhance your usage and knowledge of WorkiQ, please contact your OpenConnect Account Executive for pricing and availability.

Support Options

Technical Support

Visit for:

  • Case management
  • OpenConnect Knowledge Base
  • Disaster recovery
  • Product documentation

License Keys


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