Support case management from OpenConnect: Enterprise-level support

Support Case Management

OpenConnect takes your support needs seriously — but that’s easy to say, so here are the details.

At OpenConnect, we put a tremendous emphasis on successful support case management. Our two main objectives in providing support to our customers are:

  • Global ease of access to support
  • Exceeding the customer’s expectations for case-handling

All cases are tracked, measured, and escalated when necessary. Coupled with the feedback we receive from you, this helps ensure that your experience is consistent with the objectives we have established.

Renewal Contacts

If you would like to renew either your software license or your support contract, please contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 800.551.5881 (from U.S.) or 972.484.5200 (outside of U.S.).

Enhanced Support

Products purchased under a term license receive Enhanced Support. The Enhanced Customer Support program is for companies that demand the very best solution from their business partner. Customers with Enhanced Support receive priority handling of all technical issues that are received via e-mail, the Web, or a special hotline telephone number. One low cost covers all of your OpenConnect software on an annual basis.

Enhanced Support provides:

  • Extended hours of support (Monday–Friday, 7am–6pm U.S. Central time, except holidays).
  • Top priority for incoming requests and automatic escalation of cases.
  • 24×7 support for critical system-down scenarios.
  • Access for five named contacts.
  • Options for contacting Customer Support include telephone calls to a toll-free number, email, fax, or Web-based support.
  • Web-based support with online status of support requests, status reporting, and updates directly into the support request.
  • Solutions database available 24×7.

Severity Definitions and Escalation

Each case is assigned one of the following severity classifications; each case may be upgraded or downgraded to a different severity level prior to its resolution.

  • Critical (Severity 1) — Significant system outage and critical impact to business.
  • Urgent (Severity 2) — High-impact issue; business is functioning but significantly impaired. All Enhanced Support Customer cases are considered Severity 2 or higher.
  • Important (Severity 3) — Problem does not have significant business impact. Only low impact users are affected.
  • Information (Severity 4) — Requirement for information only. This issue has little impact on customer’s business.
  • Pending (Severity 5) — Customer is waiting for next General Release.

Severity Levels 1–4 have automatic escalation procedures in place should the case remain open longer than a prescribed period. For example, the Vice President of Customer Support and the Development Team Manager are notified within one hour for all Severity 1 cases.

Contact Information

If you have a support contract and want to obtain an upgrade or have an issue, you may contact us via one of the following methods:

Phone: 972.888.0678
Fax: 972.888.0680

Instructions for Submitting Support Cases via Email

For new cases (sent to, type a brief description of the problem in the Subject line.
For existing cases, reply to an email from the case. Do not change the Subject line; just hit Reply from an email received for the existing case.


Please let us know how we are doing by responding to the survey you receive when your case is closed or send a note to

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