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Don’t get swamped by workflow issues and all the pain, costs, and risk that they bring. OpenConnect is here to help.

Help for CFOs

If you’re a CFO, the financial health of your company is on your shoulders. You have to allocate resources properly. You must make (and recommend) decisions that are based on air-tight data. You need to know which roles should be automated and, if they are, how best that could occur. For those jobs that can’t be automated, you need to know how large your workforce really must be to meet output goals. You need information on what it will cost for your company’s IT infrastructure — including your larger systems — to work together most effectively and efficiently, and how completely (if at all) any automation effort you undertake will interface with that infrastructure.

Learn more about how OpenConnect can help you in the eternal war on rising costs.

Help for Managing Back-office Work

If you’re responsible for back-office operations in your company, your foremost challenge is getting the cost per each processed work item as low as possible. It’s probably your primary goal. You have a great team and you do everything you know to do, but there comes a point when you just can’t budge the needle any further. Moreover, because you care so much about doing well, you can’t be satisfied with that. Of course, complex tasks are the ones that cause the greatest bottlenecks, so you must find ways to handle more of them more quickly and, yet, at a significantly lower cost. You need to minimize, or perhaps even eliminate, overtime costs. You know the answer to all this lies in a combination of getting more work done by either humans or automation, getting it done more quickly, and getting it done more cost-efficiently in general. But how do you get there?

Learn more about how OpenConnect can help you meet — or even go below — your targeted metric for cost per work item.

Help for CIOs and IT Departments

If you’re a CIO or have other management authority over your company’s IT infrastructure, you hold the mammoth responsibility of your company’s mission-critical data and computing assets. If your company decides to automate where it can, it’s your team that must deploy and maintain it, and in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible — including getting it to interface with IT assets up to and including your larger systems. As for those systems, it’s on you to implement mainframe modernization and integration, so your Web-enabled offices work seamlessly with the applications and vast seas of data on the Big Iron. It’s also up to you to allow management to get the data they need to get the most from their people.

Learn more about how OpenConnect’s enterprise software products give your company greater capabilities while working seamlessly with your technology.

Help for HR Departments

If you’re in charge of human resources for your company, you know the quantity and quality of work your company’s employees perform come back, in some part, on you. Your company’s managers do what they can to maximize their teams’ productivity, but they must know more about the performance of their people — particularly when those people work off-site — and you want to play a key role in how they get that information. At the same time, you want that information to be available to the workers themselves, so they can learn from it and find ways to improve where necessary.

Learn more about how OpenConnect can help your company improve productivity and provide valuable insights into your workforce.

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Check out our product line to find out all the ways OpenConnect can help you solve these and other enterprise problems:

  • WorkiQ® — Real-time desktop analytics software that maximizes visibility into employee work and productivity.
  • WebConnect — Client-/server-based software that provides secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems.
  • ConnectiQ — Enables mainframe integration the right way — server-based for maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.
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