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Help for Managing Your Back Office

Optimizing your company’s back-office operations is your job. Helping you succeed is ours.

Back-office Ops, Front and Center

They may be called your company’s back-office operations, but they’re always firmly in the front of your mind. That’s because it’s your responsibility to make them run well, which means cost-effectively and smoothly. Massive amounts of business must flow through them daily, and any glitches or unexpected costs they encounter (or, worse, create) will damage the company’s bottom line — and yours.

Depending on the type of company, your back office can be processing things such as pended insurance claims, audits, sales orders, and customer requests, just to name a few. And you are tasked with maximizing output and minimizing the cost per each processed work item. That last part is the kicker, since the number of work items will only grow over time, and you therefore squeeze more output out of your operations to meet or exceed your cost-per-item target. So you understandably have to ponder over questions such as:

  • How much can you cut costs through process automation?
  • Which tasks can be automated in the first place? What about some of your back office’s more complex tasks?
  • What sort of automation will work within your company’s computing infrastructure to the satisfaction of the gatekeepers in your IT department?

Automation is always an important consideration, but you know there will still be plenty of back-office work that humans must do. And that consideration brings up its own items to consider:

  • How can you reduce the need for overtime?
  • How much real work, as opposed to wasted time, are the FTEs truly giving you during each workday?
  • How many FTEs do you really need to get things done?
  • Since increasing numbers of employees will be working from home, how can you and your team get the most out of them — or, for that matter, even know what they’re doing all day?

Big Iron and Your Back Office

Another opportunity for cutting your back-office costs lies in that aforementioned IT infrastructure, and its most important elements: your mainframe systems. They hold truly mission-critical data and applications, so the many PC users in your back office need access to those mainframes. Moreover, that access needs to be both efficient and effective for all those users, even the off-site workers. The days are past when they could work all day on big terminals weighing down their desks.

In this vein, you’ve probably heard discussions about mainframe integration and mainframe modernization. For your purposes, those raise another set of questions:

  • If you’re doing more automation, as we mentioned earlier, how well — if at all — does it work with the mainframes?
  • How can your back-office workforce successfully and cost-effectively access what’s on the mainframes? You probably have few, if any, workers who are intimately familiar with getting at mainframes-based applications and data. So it’s necessary to turn a steep learning curve into a piece of cake.
  • Does such access require massive, expensive changes to the mainframes themselves? You know that is almost certainly a deal-breaker as far as your bean-counters are concerned, regardless of any other perceived benefits the access might provide.
  • Does providing mainframe access to the PCs require desktop-by-desktop installation and maintenance (probably also a deal-breaker from your IT team’s point of view)?

Need Help? We’re Here

You have a big job, and the big problems that go with it. We’d like to help you find answers to those problems. So contact OpenConnect at your earliest convenience, so we can see whether we can work together to make your path a bit easier. When it comes to cutting back-office costs, we’d like to give you access to the sharpest scissors you can wield.

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  • AutoiQ — Automates routine tasks and workflows to increase efficiency.
  • WorkiQ® — Real-time desktop analytics software that maximizes visibility into employee work and productivity.
  • DiscoveriQ — Advanced process discovery software that uses WorkiQ-supplied data to help you know what, and how, you need to automate.
  • WebConnect — Client-/server-based software that provides secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems.
  • ConnectiQ — Enables mainframe integration the right way — server-based for maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.