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Making your workforce the best it can be is your job. Helping you succeed is ours.

Know More, So the Company Can Do More

Change is a constant in business, as in all other aspects of life. Still, one thing that never changes is the need for solid employees.

That’s where you come in. As the person in charge of human resources for your company, you’re responsible for maximizing the quality of your workforce. Your company depends on you to help it find and retain the best employees it can afford. As financial resources get tighter, this becomes even more problematic than might otherwise be the case.

The more the company knows about its employees, the better chance it has of getting their greatest productivity. This brings up a number of questions you’re likely to be posed (and may well be posing on your own):

  • How can the company get truly objective data — not just managers’ opinions — about how workers are performing?
  • How can it effectively track and manage workers’ time? And, keep in mind, that’s also needed for your growing numbers of people working from home.
  • How would things improve if you made it possible for managers to learn in real time what their workers are really doing? What value would result from managers knowing in detail how their best employees succeed, so they could help other employees do better work?

Need Help? We’re Here

You have a big job, and the big problems that go with it. We’d like to help you find answers to those problems. So contact OpenConnect at your earliest convenience, so we can see whether we can work together to make your path a bit easier. We’ll do our best to make it worth your valuable time. After all, you’re a key human resource, too.

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For additional details regarding how OpenConnect products can be key elements of the solutions to your needs, see this datasheet.

Get Product-specific Info

  • WorkiQ® — Real-time desktop analytics software that maximizes visibility into employee work and productivity.
  • AutoiQ — Automates routine tasks and workflows to increase efficiency.
  • DiscoveriQ — Advanced process discovery software that uses WorkiQ-supplied data to help you know what, and how, you need to automate.
  • ConnectiQ — Enables mainframe integration the right way — server-based for maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.
  • WebConnect — Client-/server-based software that provides secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems.