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Power and Headaches

It’s often said that information is power. If so, your senior IT role in your company holds, or at least is responsible for, a lot of power — and all the headaches that go with it. Everything in the operation runs better if you and your team succeed; and, by the same token, everything stops if you and your team fail. Others can wave around the term mission-critical all they want, but what you do truly is.

So, whenever some eager department head briefs you on yet another urgent project, you typically must temper others’ enthusiasm for a whiz-bang “solution.” And you do it with the pointed reminder that, if you let this Shiny New Thing into the company’s computing infrastructure, it must do what is promised and not break stuff — period.

Let’s say the company wants to reduce costs by automating as many back-office tasks as possible. To those with the proverbial stars in their eyes after a good sales pitch, that sounds like a no-brainer. But you know it’s not that simple:

  • How can you integrate the automation software into your infrastructure? You don’t want something that creates a new set of support nightmares.
  • Is the automation something you and your team can manage centrally? The last thing you need is for departments (or individuals!) to go off on their own and do their own things, automation-wise, just because (they think) they can. After all, you know whose department will wind up fixing that mess.
  • For that matter, how must it be managed? Does it have to be installed and maintained on a series of separate PCs?

At the same time, there are tasks that still require people to do them. In those cases . . .

  • How can you give managers access to real-time analytics data so they can get the most out of their people?
  • How can you provide this kind of intelligence regarding even your company’s growing count of off-site workers?
  • Once again, how well would such analytics capabilities fit into your infrastructure?

Big Iron, Big Challenges

Perhaps the crown jewels of your company’s IT infrastructure are its mainframe systems. They provide a home for their own applications and mountains of data, without which your company would cease to function. Of course, one of your major challenges is providing your many PC users the efficient and effective access their roles require to the mainframes.

So we’re pretty sure the phrases mainframe integration and mainframe modernization are tossed around a lot in your hearing — perhaps even by you. And, when these phrases do rear their heads, there are serious questions that go with them:

  • If your company is doing more automation, as we mentioned earlier, how well — if at all — does it work with the mainframes?
  • How can your workforce successfully and cost-effectively access mainframe-based content?
  • Does an answer to these questions require massive, expensive changes to the mainframes themselves?
  • Does giving PC users mainframe access require desktop-by-desktop installation and maintenance?

Need Help? We’re Here

You have a big job, and the big problems that go with it. We’d like to help you find answers to those problems. So contact OpenConnect at your earliest convenience, so we can see whether we can work together to make your path a bit easier. After all, since when do you have time for anything that will complicate it?

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  • AutoiQ — Automates routine tasks and workflows to increase efficiency.
  • WorkiQ® — Real-time desktop analytics software that maximizes visibility into employee work and productivity.
  • DiscoveriQ — Advanced process discovery software that uses WorkiQ-supplied data to help you know what, and how, you need to automate.
  • WebConnect — Client-/server-based software that provides secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems.
  • ConnectiQ — Enables mainframe integration the right way — server-based for maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.