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Capture. Discover.
Identify. Improve.

From analytics to process discovery to automation, only OpenConnect offers the complete package.

What We’ve Learned – and How We Make It All Work for You

From analytics to process discovery to automation, only OpenConnect delivers the complete package.

  • Capture and Discover how your people and robots are currently getting the work done.
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities in the current workflow.
  • Improve your operations with the right mix of digital labor and human workers.


Capture and Discover How People Work

In the Capture/Discover phase, OpenConnect provides unique insights for workforce intelligence coupled with automated process discovery and documentation solutions. This intelligence provides the “truth” about who is doing the work and how it is getting done – regardless of location, and whether the work is performed by human, digital workforce – or both. It also establishes the roadmap to Identify the process improvement and automation opportunities

Applying these solutions up front often yields workforce improvements between 10-20% without applying any automation. It also reduces the RPA requirements gathering efforts by as much as 50%.

OpenConnect’s WorkiQ™ captures real-time intelligence about what your workforce is doing, regardless of their location. Identify processes to automate, monitor your RPA deployments, determine true staffing and training needs across your resources and improve overall workforce productivity.

DiscoveriQ™ captures these analytics to provide a true, un-biased picture of how work is getting done. This unique process visualization and documentation creates a fast track to generating the correct processes to automate and support RPA requirements.


Identify Better Ways to Work.

In the Identify phase, you can use the intelligence gained from Capture/Discover to spot improvement opportunities. These improvements can be enabled through RPA or traditional process improvement tactics.

  • Workforce and Process Improvement Opportunities —Who are top performers, who requires training? What steps can be eliminated, re-sequenced, and altered to create improved efficiency and throughput?
  • RPA Enablement — Workforce Intelligence and Process Visualization Solutions expedite the RPA requirements steps by recommending the best processes to automate.

DiscoveriQ provides thorough and unbiased process visualization that allows you to quickly see how processes and their variants are executed in your organization. Effective overlays such as “count” and “think” time provide strong indicators of automation and/or training opportunities.

DiscoveriQ can also automatically produce process documentation with screen shots, workflow steps, and data requirements. This documentation can be used as automation requirements or for training, resulting in increased process accuracy and efficiency.

With its easy integration with WorkiQ™, process visualization and documentation becomes evergreen in your organization making DiscoveriQ™ a vital component of any process improvement automation initiative.


Improve How Work is Done.

WorkiQ™ and DiscoveriQ™ provide you with truly unique workforce and process improvement opportunities. These solutions also set the table perfectly for enabling your RPA solution opportunities.

In the Improve phase, your team — armed with the knowledge gained in the Discover and Identify phases — can more effectively map out the automation of your processes. You can then automate each process appropriately.

OpenConnect and UiPath have partnered together to provide a solution that accelerates time to value and expands the business impact of RPA deployments.

UiPath’s enterprise RPA platform provides an open environment that scales across complex processes with leading security and AI features. Combined, these solutions deliver improved ROI, 30-50% faster than the competition.