Uipath by OpenConnect

A Partnership for Tomorrow’s Workforce

OpenConnect and UiPath have partnered together to provide a solution
that accelerates time to value and expands the business impact of RPA deployments.

A Perfect Pair

The OpenConnect and UiPath solution combines complementary capabilities to bring the right results, quickly and at scale.

OpenConnect’s workforce intelligence and process discovery solutions reveal new insights that enable the correct deployment of RPA fueling continuous improvement across people, processes and automation. UiPath’s enterprise RPA platform provides an open environment that scales across complex processes with leading security and AI features.

Combined, these solutions deliver improved ROI, 30-50% faster than the competition.


15 years

of deep, domain expertise in
Healthcare Market

Managing over

40 Million

annually for 6 of the top 10
Healthcare payers


Members in their global thriving
RPA developer community

Over 2,100

and government agencies use
UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform

Enabling RPA

OpenConnect’s process discovery solutions and workforce intelligence are the perfect pre-requisites for your RPA efforts. They accelerate the discovery and design phase of these efforts and identify the right processes to automate. Not only do the projects get done faster, but the win-rate of successful RPA deployments rises significantly.

OpenConnect’s WorkiQ provides real time intelligence of what your workforce is actually doing, regardless of their location. These analytics can be used to identify which processes should be automated as well as monitor how well your RPA deployments are performing. WorkiQ is also an excellent solution for improving overall workforce productivity through determining true staffing and training needs across your resources.

DiscoveriQ captures these analytics to provide a true, unbiased picture of how work is getting done. This unique process visualization and documentation creates a fast track to generating the correct processes to automate and support RPA requirements.

Enabling the Mainframe

Processes that run on a mainframe are difficult to automate, and most organizations start their automation journey elsewhere.

OpenConnect’s ConnectiQ makes the difficult easy. ConnectiQ creates open web services for the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. The platform accesses the web service instead of mainframe emulators resulting in a solution that is almost 6 times faster compared to an emulator.

ConnectiQ’s functionality keeps the integrity of the mainframe business rules so if mainframe logic changes, those modifications are reflected in the web services keeping your mainframe automation running.

Leader in RPA Automation

UiPath was chosen by Everest Group as a leader and top performer among RPA technology vendors in 2018. Its open and extensible platform features hundreds of built-in, customizable and shareable activities with deep integration across ERP, BPM, and AI technologies.

UiPath’s automation platform allows you to deploy enterprise wide RPA automation in the cloud or on premise. The platform contains defense-grade security that is trusted by over 40 government agencies.

The development studio has a drag and drop capability that facilitates rapid development of processes identified in the discovery and mining phase of your RPA deployment.

UiPath is also widely recognized as a leader in computer vision. Their robots see the relationships of the data and ensure accurate data capture and correct process automation every time.

Ready to connect?

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