WebConnect Terminal Emulation | Secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems

WebConnect Terminal Emulation

For secure, browser-based emulation to mainframe, midrange, and UNIX systems.

Connectivity for all.

With its patented, secure, persistent connectivity, only OpenConnect’s WebConnect is capable of supporting tens of thousands of concurrent, browser-based users.

This client-/server-based software enables enterprise organizations to provide suppliers, partners, and employees with secure access to vital applications and information in real time, leading to increased productivity and profits.

Legacy/Mainframe Enablement

OpenConnect has a complete set of solutions to help you unlock the tremendous value contained within your mainframe applications and data upon which your core business processes rely.

Whether you are looking to modernize, extend, integrate, or leverage your mainframe into BPM, an SOA, or the Web-centric world, OpenConnect has the technology and experience to ensure that your project has less risk, takes less time, and provides more ROI than any other mainframe-enablement solution.

What WebConnect Provides


Secure mainframe access with TLS from access point, token passing at session level, and single sign-on to the mainframe

Average install time of
under 15 minutes

Protection at application, session, transport, and host points

Information migration without modification at host

Patented, secure connection and authentication encryption

What You Can Do With WebConnect

Drive additional revenue through extended use of mainframe information and applications

Integrate mainframe information with other line-of-business applications for a more holistic view of the business

Efficiently and securely push vital mainframe information and applications out to customer, partners, and employees

Deliver a cost-effective, secure solution through concurrent user licensing

Add AutoiQ and Maximize Productivity

AutoiQ is enterprise-class process automation software designed to automate even most complex tasks and workflows while improving first-pass efficiency.

Together with WebConnect, it can put you on the path to automation success.

Now Available:
Enhanced HTML5 Client

WebConnect can be configured to provide secure communication to your host environment across a variety of underlying client technologies, including:

HTML5 client

(Perfect for businesses that lack Java® support)

HTML4 client

Classic applet

(Java 1.1+)

Swing applet

(Java 1.5+)

Ready to connect?

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