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People Intelligence for the Flexible Workforce

Workplace flexibility is a critical component for positive employee experience.

Not only does today’s employee expect it, an employer not effectively offering a flexible work arrangement will likely miss out on attracting and retaining the right talent for their business.

The additional flexibility and freedom can come with pitfalls, though. Some employees are naturally more productive than others while some need coaching to improve their productivity.

work@home by the numbers

Better understand how people work.

OpenConnect’s work@home offering leverages WorkiQ® real-time operational intelligence software to capture the task activity of your workforce, so you can better understand how people work. It aggregates this information centrally, stitching together each user’s timeline of activity so it can be organized as productive vs. unproductive time.

Users can be viewed individually or organized into groups and teams. Visibility into this information provides a better understanding of what makes peak performers productive and who needs additional coaching, as well as where overtime can be better managed.

Implementing WorkiQ typically results in a performance and productivity increase of 10–20%. Additionally, all of this information from WorkiQ can provide insight into valuable automation opportunities; because, before you can automate what people do, you first must know what they

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