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Real-Time Workforce Intelligence

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WorkiQ Workforce Intelligence

Real-Time Visibility Into Work & Productivity

Knowledge is Power

Capturing a good snapshot of your true workplace activity is key to making meaningful management decisions. WorkiQ® collects desktop activity in real time, giving you the valuable data you need to determine:

  • How much time employees spend in productive (and unproductive) applications, websites, and activities
  • True staffing needs
  • Who needs help or training
  • Which processes should be automated and how well your robots are performing

Measure in Real Time

WorkiQ® can automatically capture activity of all your employees, regardless of location, to identify productive and unproductive practices so work can be categorized and managed.

The software collects activity directly from your employees’ and robots’ desktops, your Citrix® server, or your mainframe environment. Real-time, easy-to-configure dashboards show you all this activity at individual, team, and department levels. That means you get valuable, up-to-the-minute operational intelligence you can use to improve your processes.




Manage in Real Time

Now you don’t need to wait for scheduled checkpoints to provide the feedback to reward employees or help them improve. WorkiQ® uses real-time management dashboards to help you assess productivity and effciency in the moment — and address issues, provide training, and offer motivation to keep up the good work. Proactively make improvements before productivity is impacted.

WorkiQ® also gives you the power to categorize high-value activities and prioritize and reward these activities to increase overall output.



Improve in Real Time

The real-time metrics WorkiQ® delivers let associates know how they are performing in comparison to their peers in between performance reviews and can empower them to compete and engage. Managers can compare employees with accurate standards, reward superstar performers, and see where their team ranks against other groups or departments.

By tracking how top performers process work, WorkiQ® helps identify bottleneck processes that can be improved — or automated through OpenConnect’s AutoiQ™.





Your First Step In Reaching Beyond RPA

Before you can automate what people do, you first must know what they do. That’s why WorkiQ® is a key component of OpenConnect’s path to automation success. It’s designed to work best alongside our other products and services, giving you the most complete automation solution.


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