Test-Drive WorkiQ

Test Drive WorkiQ

Get Real-Time Workforce Intelligence Free for 30 Days.

Knowledge is power.

Do you know who your best, most productive workers are? Are you under pressure to manage labor costs? WorkiQ® by OpenConnect is real-time workforce intelligence software that captures the task activity of your workforce, so you can better understand how people work.

OpenConnect has partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer a free test drive of WorkiQ. Sign up today and see for yourself how easily you can:


Identify productivity improvement areas across your workforce.

Determine your most productive workers and those who need coaching.

Identify unnecessary activities that occupy your team members’ time and attention.

Effectively manage

Discover potential
automation opportunities.

See the full range of features WorkiQ offers.

Now You Can Try WorkiQ for Free.

Sign up today on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and get the full functionality of the licensed version of WorkiQ for 25 users for 30 calendar days. You’ll also receive the complete support of an OpenConnect Sales Engineer, as well as access to support via email in case you run into issues or have questions.

During your free Test Drive, you’ll have access to critical WorkiQ features that will provide a snapshot of what your team is doing with real-time insights. You’ll be able to track your team’s activities in one place, see when they are online, what applications they are using, time spent in each application, time spent on each process, and performance. It will give you the full picture about your productivity — all in one place.