WorkiQ by OpenConnect | Workforce analytics software for enterprises

WorkiQ Workforce Analytics

Now you can answer that nagging question: “Although all of my people seem busy, how truly productive are they?”

WorkiQ® by OpenConnect is a real-time workforce analytics product that provides visibility into the work and productivity of both human employees and desktop-based software robots.

Meaningful management decisions require complete data, so operational intelligence must capture the true source of workplace activity. WorkiQ collects desktop activity in real time, so companies can answer tough questions about their people and processes:

  • How much time is spent in productive applications, websites, and activities?
  • How many productive hours do we really get, per individual and per team?
  • What are our true staffing needs?
  • Who needs help or training?
  • Which unnecessary activities drain our team members’ time and attention?
  • Which processes should be automated?
  • Once automation is in place, how well are our robots performing?

Indeed, while WorkiQ is a great standalone product, the wealth of data it provides makes it also a key component of OpenConnect’s path to automation success. The simple fact is, before you can automate what people do, you first must know what they do. And nothing gives you a better picture of that than WorkiQ.

Measure in Real Time

WorkiQ can automatically capture activity of all associates, even those at-home, to identify productive and unproductive practices. WorkiQ captures all counts, time, effort, and outcomes of activity so work can be categorized and managed.

User activity is collected directly from your employees’ and robots’ desktops, your Citrix® server, or your mainframe environment. Individual, team, and department activity is presented through dynamic, real-time dashboards — which can be configured by even non-technical users. You gain valuable operational intelligence into the work each employee or robot does, how long it takes, and the outcomes of the employee’s or robot’s effort.

Manage in Real Time

Employees perform at varying levels of productivity and efficiency based on training, engagement, experience, and even acute situations in their personal lives. Effective managers need reliable desktop analytics to identify whether workers need training or are just having a bad day. WorkiQ uses real-time management dashboards to provide the operational intelligence you need to identify, improve, and reward employees.

The WorkiQ real-time management dashboard gives a manager a quick look at what her employees are really doing. At a glance, she can see each employee’s truly productive activity (as compared to non-work activity), including the application and process in which the employee is active.

Not all work activities generate the same productive value for your team, department, or company. To increase every employee’s output, you must be able to identify and reward high-value work activities. WorkiQ gives you the power to categorize these activities, track processes across all applications, and compare how different users process similar units of work.

Improve in Real Time

Dramatic productivity improvements start with increased engagement. WorkiQ delivers a wide range of reports that empower people at every level of the company to compete and engage. Through real-time metrics, as opposed to infrequent performance reviews, associates know how they are performing in comparison to their peers — where they excel and where they can improve. Managers can compare employees with accurate standards, reward superstar performers, and see where their team ranks against other groups or departments.

WorkiQ’s peer-productivity dashboard lets an employee compare his performance with that of his co-workers over a specified time period. The sample chart shows a four-day period, during which the employee was consistently more productive — completing more task iterations (“instances”), and doing so more quickly — than his peers.

By tracking how top performers process work, WorkiQ provides the critical details needed to identify bottleneck processes that can be eliminated — or even automated through OpenConnect’s AutoiQ.

WorkiQ Delivers Quick ROI

Through the power of workforce analytics, WorkiQ enables your organization to go beyond system statistics and self-reporting, creating actionable insights that drive real improvements within your business — with real-world savings.

Most WorkiQ deployments deliver ROI within just six months. That’s because WorkiQ gives you the real-time, accurate data and reporting you need to evaluate your true staffing needs, reduce outsourcing, eliminate unnecessary overtime, and lower your overall operational costs.