Workforce analytics software for back-office operations | WorkiQ by OpenConnect

WorkiQ for back-office operations

Five reasons back-office operations are interested in desktop analytics and automation.

  1. Measurement in real time — On average, a U.S. employee wastes two hours per day beyond breaks and lunch hour. Real-time desktop analytics capture activity in real time of all associates, even those at home, to identify productive and unproductive practices. WorkiQ® from OpenConnect captures all counts, time, and outcomes of activity so work can be categorized and managed.
  2. Management in real time — Employees perform at varying levels of productivity and efficiency based on training, engagement, experience, and even acute situations in their personal lives. Effective managers need reliable operational intelligence to identify if workers need training or if they are not optimizing work hours. WorkiQ provides the operational intelligence needed to identify, improve, and reward employees through real-time management dashboards.
  3. Improvement in real time — Dramatic productivity improvements start with increased engagement. Through enhanced awareness, WorkiQ delivers a wide range of reports that empower people at every level of the company to compete and engage. Through real-time metrics, as opposed to infrequent performance reviews, associates know how they are performing in comparison to their peers, where they excel, and where they can improve. Managers can compare employees with accurate standards, reward superstar performers, and see where their team ranks against other groups or departments.
  4. Optimizing labor costs — Recent surveys showed companies using data-driven decision-making are, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors. The largest cost of a back-office operation is labor. By using WorkiQ, you’re able to identify empty labor and recapture productive hours, identify the true need for overtime costs, and utilize real-time data to measure the ability to work the inventory.
  5. Making use of RPA — A natural utilization of operational intelligence is identifying opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA). Identifying and replacing routine or repetitive back-office work with software robots enables companies to save considerable expense. For example, insurance companies use robots for their claims/auto-adjudication improvement. Combining WorkiQ with OpenConnect’s AutoiQ process automation product gives you a complete solution to identify, configure, and execute RPA, providing significant savings back to your company.