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WorkiQ for HR

Five reasons HR departments are interested in desktop analytics.

  1. Accurate and real-time performance measurement — Identifying top-performing teams and individuals is critical to building a culture of accountability and high employee engagement. WorkiQ® from OpenConnect provides the operational intelligence necessary to evaluate true staffing needs, reduce outsourcing, and lower the overall costs of operations. By being provided real-time dashboards with insights into actual performance at any given moment, your managers will be empowered to provide guidance for optimal performance.
  2. Increase employee engagement — A recent study shows that companies with “highly engaged” outperform other companies by 23%. Identifying areas based on true performance measurement to reward top employees is difficult for most companies. Real-time desktop analytics provides the ability to see top performers in real time. With this information, companies can encourage new levels of engagement.
  3. Identifying hidden potential — Analytics can be used to identify high-performing teams and individual team members. Analyzing patterns of successful work results enables companies to spot individuals who outperform their peers, utilize their time efficiently, and analyze the best use of business applications to complete the job at hand.
  4. Identifying coaching opportunities — The average U.S. employee wastes two hours a day beyond breaks and lunch hour. However, most companies have only self-reporting methods to track the amount of work and time spent on various tasks. Real-time collection and reporting reveal instant performance measurement of both in-house and remote employees, allowing for “in-the-moment” coaching opportunities and a significant recapture of empty labor hours.
  5. Sourcing data for workforce analysis — Do you have the right amount of people assigned to the appropriate inventory of work? How many people do you need to handle open enrollment this year? Take the guessing out of staffing: WorkiQ provides data on actual activity and work productivity, providing true FTE analysis and insuring your company has the right-sized team for the workload.