Workforce analytics and robotic process automation for IT | WorkiQ by OpenConnect

WorkiQ for IT

Five reasons IT departments are interested in desktop analytics and automation.

  1. Application utilization and performance management — In order to accomplish work tasks, employees often access numerous applications and websites. Real-time desktop analytics captures and reports on all applications accessed throughout the workday, the amount of time spent on specific applications, and how many times these applications are utilized.
  2. Better employee data — As organizations continue to build advanced data functionality, many are looking inward to apply new analysis and applications. From talent management, workforce analytics, and cyber-security to operational intelligence, the key to success is the collection of accurate and real-time data. WorkiQ® from OpenConnect captures all activities and applications utilized and the amount of data completed on the desktop, virtual connections, or the mainframe — providing accurate and complete employee data for further analysis.
  3. Application adoption — Application upgrades and compliance affect all IT operations. Adoption of new or upgraded applications is essential to insure compliance. WorkiQ tracks specific users that access applications, and reports on those that are continuing to use older applications. This provides accountability as new versions or new applications are deployed in your organization.
  4. Fraud interventions — Most organizations carry out thousands of transactions a day. The sheer volume makes the usage of Big Data relevant for internal fraud investigations. Monitoring mainframe activities, virtual environments, and desktop usage can enable companies to examine and identify anomalies or outliers. In this way, desktop analytics assists in spotting fraudulent activity.
  5. Robotic process automation — A natural utilization of operational intelligence is identifying opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA). The process of identifying and replacing routine or repetitive back-office work with automation (robots) enables companies to save considerable expense. For example, insurance companies use robots for their claims/auto-adjudication improvement. Once opportunities for software robots have been identified, configured, and implemented, OpenConnect’s AutoiQ process automation product returns significant savings to your company.